Kiddo Updates

I recently realized that it is March, N is 6 weeks old, and I haven't given any updates on him. He is doing beautifully, growing like a weed, and is just the happiest baby. N is so far proving to be our easiest baby yet. Since the miracle with his hips, he has had absolutely no health issues worth speaking of. He is on a really good schedule, eating every 3 hours, laying awake for a while, and then napping. We are still working on night times, but we have now had 3 with only 1 feeding during the night. Hopefully that will go soon as well. He is also very strong, already supporting his head quite a bit, and starting to sit up fairly straight with support. Developmentally, he seems right on target, and possibly slightly ahead. I mentioned he is growing like a weed.....he was 5 lbs 5 oz when I got him at 4 days old; as of yesterday's well-baby check, he is 9.5 lbs! I did not know that kind of growth was possible! The pediatrician explained his theory that N may have experienced "intra-uterine growth restriction," meaning that for some reason, his growth in-utero may have been stunted. We just don't know enough about the pregnancy to know if or how early he was, or if there was any reason for this growth restriction. In any case, now he is eating more than normal apparently, and his body is catching up. Here is a photo I took just tonight.

And yes, he has gotten bigger, fatter, darker, and his hair is getting curly.

Since I'm doing updates, here a few photos of the other kids.
We couldn't ask for a more patient dog than Will! All our babies have loved him!

No, A did not outgrow his pack'n'play. M had a toy one for her baby dolls that he likes to push around as he walks along behind it. On this particular day, he got it jammed into a corner, and decided to climb in. Bet he wouldn't be that happy in a full-size one!
Aaahhh, and this would be my little farm-girl wanna-be. She loves to wear her boots almost as much as she loves to wear her dresses. As long as we aren't going out in public, I figure it isn't worth battling over!
M walked in yesterday looking like this, and said, "Look Mommy, I Mary and this is Baby Jesus!" Ooooh, she may be cute, but do not be fooled....
This is poor Will after Daddy allowed M to use some scissors and left her unsupervised for a moment. He has these little clipped areas all over the front half of his body!
And I couldn't resist capturing this sweet father-son moment.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure:


Melonie said...

Two of my babies had IUGR. Unfortunately, one of them was a stillborn preemie, but my oldest living son, Drake, was also TINY at full term. (4 lbs, 15 oz.) Common explanations for IUGR include things like smoking, poor nutrition, and living at high altitudes...none of which were the case with my pregnancies. But since you don't know much about N's birthmom's pregnancy, one or more could have been factors. I'm so glad he's grown so much! It's such a relief for you as his mom, I'm sure!

Your children are all darling. Thanks for the update! :)

Kristen said...

So precious!!!

Katie said...

He is simply adorable, Lauren just went crazy when she saw him on my computer.