Babies, babies!

Today has been a baby day!

First off, congrats to my brother and his wife who just delivered #2 this morning. So my whole family is pretty excited.

The other baby part of the day has not been so great. With all the colds going around this house over the last week, it was only natural that little N came down with something. Rather than improving though, over the last 4 days, he has gotten progressively worse. I was concerned by this morning, as I knew it was more than a cold, but didn't know what it was. After a 3 hour trip to the doctor, turns out he AND A have RSV. Thank the Lord, the doc said we were very in tune and caught it earlier than most. Therefore, he expects the virus can be easily treated here at home. But since A has had his cough for about a week now, he has to be treated as well. S and M likely had it, but are old enough that were able to fight it on their own. Nonetheless, it takes quite a bit to worry me with illness, and I have never dealt with a sick baby this young. So if you have a free moment today to say a little prayer for N, we would really appreciate it. He is on treatment now, so hopefully God's healing hand will touch him soon. Poor little guy is so heartbreakingly miserable!


Kyle and Crystal said...

I'll say a prayer for your boys! Cali had RSV in January and had to be hospitalized for three nights, four days. I cried and cried in the ER - it can be scary seeing such little ones unable to breath well. :(

Take Care!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Praying for you and your family! Asking God to give you peace, patience, healing, and the needed provisions as you take care of everybody. There has been RSV, strep throat, and lots of miserable colds lasting weeks here, too. Luckily, our family has missed most of it. Take care! Terri