Am I capable?

I recently saw a caption that read, "What God calls us to do, He equips us to do." I want to make that my new motto in life. It seems He has called us to do some seemingly crazy things over the last year, but we rest confident knowing that it all fits into His ultimate purpose for our lives.
The latest calling is to homeschool. I have felt convicted about it for some time, and finally made a "deal" that I would homeschool if public school was the only option, but if there was a good Christian private school, then that would be the way to go. When we arrived here in N, I begin searching for good schools and was thrilled to find several. The prices on the other hand, were not so thrilling--between $4000 and $8000 for a 3 hour day!! OUCH! Also, most places had no openings. Nonetheless, we narrowed our choice to one that seemed really good and had 2 openings left. I turned in the paperwork and application fee, still feeling the nagging voice calling me to homeschool. Then S and I prayed hard that God would show us which way to go. The next morning I received a call that the school was full. S and I decided that was our answer, and we were supposed to homeschool. I immediately had such a peace wash over me. That's not to say I wasn't really nervous--I mean, I am now responsible for my children's education. That is a HUGE responsibility! But what He calls us to do, He equips us to do. I began reading every book I could find, feeling more confident with each one. I came up with an education plan (though I am still piecing together the final details), and we have started experimenting with our "school day." Just 2 days ago, I was blessed to witness my 3 yr old son read his first book. It was a little Bob's Book first reader, and for the first time, JR sounded out and read each word all by himself! It brought tears to my eyes, and comfort to know that, with God's help, I can pull this off!

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