Kids grow so fast!

Don't blink or you might miss something when it comes to children!

A had several firsts this week. Monday, he wasn't quite right all day--fussing, screaming, not eating well, sleeping more than usual. I suspected he had his first bug, and sure enough, half way through his evening bottle, he puked (I'm talking projectile!) all over me. Totally missed himself, and barely missed S! I gave his tummy a break that night, and fed him only breastmilk all day Tuesday (Thanks Aunt P!!). Today, he seemed back on track, so, he had his first rice cereal today (originally planned for Monday). He didn't take to it very quickly, so I tried again later. He did better, but seems to enjoy gagging himself more than swallowing it. M never did take to rice cereal, but did great when I moved on to veggies. I will keep trying with A and see what happens.

M finally seems to be getting over her whiny/fussy form of communication. It was driving me nuts, and "Use your words!" was becoming a common phrase around here. Finally! For the last few days, she seems to be using words better. We aren't totally fuss-free, but have improved significantly! In addition, she has started trying to say little prayers when we pray (OK, so she just mumbles something under her breath, but it's a start!), and she has been trying to count 1-5 and sing her ABC's. She learns so much by watching JR.

JR can read! What else can I say? That is our big news. He is now on book #4 in the Bob's books series, and he just completed lesson #10 tonight on his computer phonics program. It is so much fun to listen to him sound out words, and now he is starting to recognize familiar words and blends and is reading so much faster. I am just thrilled! And he is not even 4 yet!

Time is flying by so quickly that I was afraid I would miss something. Therefore, I am happy to report I actually pulled out my scrapbook stuff today and did some catching up. I updated M's baby album, S's career album, and am now working on A's baby album.

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Real-life Family said...

Hello there! I just wanted to let you know I've been reading your blog and enjoying it a lot. (I found you through Kristen.) I know that comments can make it all feel worthwhile sometimes, so I decided to stop "lurking" and let you know I'm here and enjoy your blog very much!

It sounds like you have your hands full, and that you're doing a great job. I'm especially amazed at your son's aptitude for reading at such a young age! Way to go JR!

Keep it up, Mom. You're a great writer, and your blog is full of interesting ideas. I'll be back!