Dear Santa....

I have been a really good girl this year. Of course, I have had my faults, but who doesn't, right? I mean, I try really hard to behave, be a good wife, and a good mom.

Can we just forget the time that my dear husband tried to help my morning by pre-filling the baby bottle with water, and I dumped it thinking it was just soaking?

Or his favorite chair that I promised to sew a seat for 7 months ago, and have yet to do.

And the time I laughed at my 4 year old who, while relieving himself, kindly shouted a warning, "Mom, I'm sorry if the kitchen stinks, but the smell goes out the space under the door, and I can't help it!"

Or the way I have taught my children to recycle to the point that my 4 year old asks, "Mom, if we die, and we leave our skin, and God makes new people who need skin, then why doesn't God just use our skin instead of making more?"

I mean, my kids love going to church, at least...even if JR only goes to watch the drummer, and M only goes to see what yummy snack they are having that day.

It can't be all that bad that my 2 year old honestly thinks the technical name for hiccups is either "hic-em-ups" or "hiccup-a-potamus?"

And let's not even bring up the REALLY bad mommy-moment when I was a new mom-of-3, and I loaded all the kids in their carseats, and started backing out of the driveway, when JR suddenly stated, "MOM! You forgot A!" Sure enough, there was little A, securely fastened into his carseat, sitting happily in the middle of the kitchen floor. But, I have learned to do in-car headcounts now!

OK, ok, I guess I can resign myself to a bag of coal this year. Maybe it will actually inspire me to plan a camping trip when the weather warms up.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Kristen said...

Too cute! Merry Christmas!

nana said...

That's right!! Keep it positive! "There's gotta be a horse under there somewhere!"