Adoption Update #3

I received an unexpected phone call from our adoption agency today. They wanted to know the status of our homestudy (almost completed). Our coordinator then explained that they have a "situation" (the term often used for birthmoms looking to place their child) and they were in desperate need of some profiles to show her. She asked me to rush her a copy of our profile so they can show her as soon as possible. Fortunately, our profile is completed, but we were waiting to finish the homestudy to mail it (as previously instructed). However, apparently because 1, they know us and we are basically just "updating" our study, and 2, they are desperate, they have decided to start showing our profile on an as-needed basis. Since it takes about 2 weeks for the professional print job I had planned, I have spent the majority of my afternoon printing and creating a profile book at home so I can mail it off tonight.

I really don't know anything about the situation, but it was an interesting call nonetheless. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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The Patrick Family said...

Hey, I am adopting from Ethiopia through Bethany and found your blog on the transracial board. I love your blog! I was looking back and saw the video of your son reading. I was wondering what program or skills you started working with him on and when? I have an almost two-year old and think I want to homeschool if we're in the US. I will probably have to homeschool on the mission field but that is a couple years away. Just wondering.