Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful family Christmas. It started at 6:30 this morning with some Christmas music, and the Christmas story from Luke 2. Here are just a few pictures from the morning:

We tried to take a pic of the kids by the tree, but JR disappeared to get dressed (and came down looking like a cross between Steve Urkel and Farmer Brown), and after reading the Bible story, M decided she was the Mother Mary (yes, that is her gown that has been pulled up over her head). We decided that trying to round-up excited children for a picture on Christmas morning was futal.

JR doing a little jig after opening one of his gifts.

JR receiving his 2nd annual collector's nutcracker...or "peanut cracker" as he calls it. This is something special between him and Grandma, who got him hooked on the Christmas ballet "The Nutcracker."

A few of M's gifts were a new robe, new slippers, and
a collection of Bible story books.

She got a princess dress-up set from Nana and Grandpa. So now she can really lay
claim to being "Daddy's Little Princess!"

And her new bike almost brought tears she was so excited!

A had way more fun playing with the paper than with his gifts.

The kids each had several other gifts, some of which I will show in the coming days. I gave S a long-desired self-teach piano instruction manual and a good set of bicycling gloves for those cold morning trips to work. I got a GPS navigation system....something I have missed terribly since we sold our Prius. I get lost in my own backyard without a good map, as I have NO sense of direction! Thank you so very much, honey!! We also got some very nice items from friends and family, so thank you all very much as well!

A quick spin on the new bike before the rain came.

I spent the morning preparing a yummy Christmas lunch. I totally failed in both the organic and health departments today, as my desire for some good Southern-style cookin' overcame my desire for healthy. I will have to come up with some new recipes that are at least more organic. Nonetheless, we enjoyed a lunch of honey glazed ham, homemade french bread, sweet potato souffle', green beans, and my first ever pecan pie.

Hope your day was as Merry as ours!

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Kristen said...

What sweet pictures! Merry Christmas!