Waste...a fact of life?

My eyes have really been opened lately to how society as a whole is wasteful of money, paper (natural but limited resource), water, and so much more! I firmly believe God has entrusted this earth to us, albeit for a time, and He expects us to be good stewards of his resources. Along the same lines as my "plastic" blog, I thought I would share a few other areas where I am hoping to make some changes in an attempt to do my part to care for God's precious creation:
  • Wean us off of papertowels and move toward cloth napkins. As an extra money-saving step, I hope to make my own with some of the excess fabric I have collected over the years.
  • Learn to repair clothes with minor defects.
  • Grow some produce. Ok, so I can't really start this one until next spring, but I am excited at the idea of at least trying. I have never grown anything to eat, so I think I am going to attempt tomatoes, strawberries, and one or two other things. It won't be much, but it will give me an opportunity to learn for the future.
  • Throw away as little as possible. First I will attempt to sell, give away, or recycle.

I feel somewhat limited by the changes I can make at this point. We have done a lot over the last few years to simplify our lives and conserve where can. But I will try to do more. I would love more ideas!


Mrs. Trixi said...

I just found your blog and we seem to have a lot in common as far as starting a new homestead. Anyway, that is a great start. We have gone to homemade napkins, as well. We did our first garden about 3 years ago and just jumped in head first. My husband spent the winter researching and we grew a huge one the first year. It was great and we have learned a lot since.
I also believe that we need to be better stewards. I would love to see our family eventually become solar powered and such.

Red Gate said...

I wish I could do more with the garden. I am sooooo ready to jump in head first. Unfortunately, we live in the middle of the desert, where it is difficult for anything to grow, let alone survive. So I will start small. We also have the issue of renting while we are military, and this house has NO place for a garden. Not to mention, we won't be here long enough to justify all the expenses for good potting soils and lots of crops. At our next assignment, I think we are going to look for a place outside city limits so I can start...chickens, goats, crops. That would really let me feel like I am doing something! But for now, I hope to make the best with what resources I have. Thanks fo rthe post!