At Least They're Honest!

I woke up feeling pretty yucky this morning. So yucky in fact, that I figured it would actually be forgivable to miss church. So I sent S, JR, M, and A to church, and N and I stayed home (N would sleep, so I would be able to rest!)

Well, every Sunday after church, we have our weekly meal out at a local restaurant--one that happens to be a part of a popular nationwide chain. However, since I stayed home today, I gave S my order so he would bring me some home. When he arrived home with my lunch, I could not believe what was written on the to-go bag! I mean, I know non-organic food has chemicals and preservatives, but to actually print this on their bags:

Enough said. Once again, unless you grow it, you don't really know what's in it!


Kristen said...

Oh my. Wow. That's really cool that they have to put that on there, though. This could be part of a food revolution for a lot of people. Do I dare ask...will you eat there anymore?

Red Gate said...

As much as I hate to admit it, most likely, yes, we will be eating there again. At least while we are in our current situation, we have chosen to eat out about once week. The sad fact is, such chemicals are not limited to this restaurant. Unless you eat at a specialty organic place, then most restaurants--particularly the chain types--will have these additives in their food. We do try to limit our chemical intake somewhat by ordering dishes with lots of vegetables and limiting the more processed foods. It is all about the profit margin, and if they can make food go farther and last longer, than they will. Later, when we are living on the farm, and become more self-sufficient, it is highly possible that our bodies will not tolerate this type of eating out.