Sick Day

The last few days, we have had some type of cold going through the family. I can't complain really, as, ever since we started drinking raw milk, our family really hasn't gotten sick. Even JR, who used to catch everything and then passed it on to me, rarely slows down anymore. In fact, as best I can recall, since we started raw milk about 6 months ago, we have not had anything worse than sniffles, and even then, it only lasted about a day or two.

So this go around, JR came down with sniffles and a mild fever, but he seemed fine within 24 hours. Then M got the sniffles and a bit of a cough, but all in all, she is doing OK. Then A caught it 2 days ago. His raw milk is limited at this point, so he is generally fussy and wanting to be held a lot. Unfortunately, since I have been away from home, I had no raw milk and limited organic foods for about 2 weeks, which I think weakened my immune system. So, this morning, I woke up feeling horrible!! But, it still isn't nearly as bad as the colds I used to get. Nonetheless, today, this TV-hating mommy has already popped in 2 different Disney movies for JR and M, and has Veggie-tales on standby! And when I am not blowing my nose, testing my blood sugar (illness wreaks havoc on a diabetic!), or washing my hands in an attempt to keep little N healthy, my limited energy is focused on A.

I certainly don't enjoy my little boy being sick, but I have to admit it has its perks. I love holding a sleeping baby. They seem so peaceful!

Despite how bad I may feel, I am also reminded how blessed we truly are. I spent a few minutes this morning sorting and de-tagging gifts from a baby-shower last night. A few weeks before N was born, a friend called and asked if she could throw me one. I love baby showers, but felt almost awkward since this was, after all, baby #4. She insisted though, and I was truly blessed by the ladies who came, to show their support for our adoption and for little N himself. I had a couple ladies take pictures for me, so I can put them in N's scrapbook. In the event he ever wonders, I can show him that he was loved and celebrated by many. Thank you so much ladies for the blessing you are!


Melonie said...

Awww...so sorry to hear that A isn't feeling well. (But I agree that they're so sweet and cuddly when they're sick!) What a blessing that you and N received a baby shower - he is indeed loved and celebrated by many! Thanks for sharing with us.

Kyle and Crystal said...

Little ones really are pitiful when they are sick - its been off and on for 2 months in our home ...but like you mentioned - the perks of cuddling are special :)