This beautiful edible fruit arrangement, complete with a baby boy balloon and a baby boy ceramic music box base mysteriously arrived at my door today. The only hint we got as to who it was from was "your friends in the P." Thank you all. It was a wonderful surprise, and in fact couldn't have come at a better time. Today, my 2 older children woke up coughing and not feeling well, A was incredibly clingy and cried everytime I set him down today, and poor little N had another doc appt. today to have the big "C" done. Needless to say, he has been really sore and fussing all afternoon. It was somewhat of a mentally taxing afternoon, and then this showed up and totally encouraged me. I have to say JR probably enjoyed it more than anyone though, as he went to town on that arrangement! I had to force him to stop so his dad could actually have some when he got home from work! Our family absolutely loves fresh produce, so the gift was just perfect for us. So once again, thank you very much!

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