Adoption Update #2

We had our first homestudy visit by the social worker today. Anyone who has been through one of these can understand the "slight" stress that is involved in having someone come in to inspect your house--possibly looking in drawers and cabinets, behind doors, and in closets (all with the intent of ensuring child-safety, of course). So I spent the last few days frantically cleaning, forbidding the kids to make a mess, and, I must confess, being generally stressed and unpleasant to be around. Wouldn't you know the guy never left my dining table! After all that! Turns out this first visit was designed as an introductory visit to discuss the homestudy process, discuss our future plans a bit, and generally a "get-to-know-you" session. The second (and final) visit will involve him meeting and talking with the kids, watching how we interact, and the home inspection. Our first homestudy only involved one visit total, and we did everything at that visit. It was funny though, as I had compiled a big stack of paperwork, based on our last homestudy requirements. When he pulled out his checklist and started discussing what we needed, I just handed him the required paper. After a couple of times, he just quit discussing the checklist, took my whole stack, went through it, filed what he needed, and we started again, discussing just the 3 remaining items we needed (not required by our last homestudy). He said he had never before encountered folks who were that prepared. We got a kick out of it, and explained that we like to get our part done with! So now we eagerly wait to find out when our next appointment is. Hopefully I can keep on top of the house between now and then. In the mean time, apparently there has been no sign of certain paperwork being sent to him from other places (out of our hands). If you would say a little prayer that God would allow that paperwork to come back quickly and smoothly so we can conclude this stage, we would really appreciate it. While I know God is already in charge, it is far too easy to worry about the human error involved in this type of paperwork. I look forward to getting through the homestudy so we can just rest, knowing that we have done our part, and we are simply waiting for God to match us with our baby.

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