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We have had a little fun this week doing all kinds of activities. A is finally sitting up unassisted, which is a huge relief since the doc was almost convinced he was delayed. We spent Wednesday baking pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread, which I have to do more of and will post recipes later. Today, I made all the kids suffer through some photos. Here are a few things I actually managed to capture on film:

Friends lent us a doggy door. After I installed it, Will spent the majority of the day on one side or the other, with his head sticking through like this. Notice our crazy cat sitting nearby. She hasn't quite figured it out yet, but is getting close.

My girly-girl has finally learned to twirl. Lately, she only wants to wear dresses, and most of what I have is summer dresses, so she prefers being cold and "pretty" to warm and whatever she thinks the alternative is. And, as all girly-girls know, the best way to judge a dress is by a twirl!
My handsome heartbreaker! We learned this week how true the title is when a tiny little girl (who we have never seen before) walked up to him at a restaurant, grabbed him by the hand, and said, you can come to my house now. Poor JR didn't know what was going on, and explained to us that "that little girl wanted to take me home!"

Daddy's little princess

My little quarterback

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Real-life Family said...

"That little girl wanted to take me home!" Oh, how funny! I am laughing out loud. I really enjoyed this post with the pictures and anecdotes of your kids. :)