Tug of War

JR and Will have finally realized that they can be playmates. We watched for over an hour yesterday as they played a few rounds of Will's favorite game, tug. What do you get when you match a 32 pound, 2 legged boy, against a 95 pound 4 legged dog? You get this:

The warm up: both competitors get a good grip on the rope and circle each other to size up the opposition

And they're off! Tugging mightily!

Will has JR off balance. Can JR recover?

JR regains his balance, and braces himself. He is determined to win this match!

Oh!! He's down! Will finally has enough, and with a single solid jerk, knocks JR right off his feet! But wait, JR refuses to let go of the rope!

Will proceeds to drag JR across the floor, as JR tries desperately to hang on. (At this point, mom steps in and tries to delicately explain that Will has won the game.)


Real-life Family said...

How funny! I love the way you documented it in your captions. Will looks like he must be very good with children.

Red Gate said...

Oh, he is GREAT with kids! Although he loves them to pieces, he has never really been interested in playing directly with them--until very recently. Now that he has discovered JR can play with him, I think he has a new best friend!