Follow up on "Plastic...a fact of life? "

I posted a while back on my attempt to somewhat eliminate plastics from our lifestyle. I have since realized the enormity of such a thing. In our modern, western way of life, I am about to conclude it is literally impossible to eliminate plastics. I knew big things like our vehicle, carseats, and such included them, but I have also discovered that almost every food item I buy is wrapped in some way in plastic. Even the organic beef I recently bought, which I assumed would be wrapped in butcher paper, I also found was partially wrapped in a layer of plastic. I have had to replace several of my kitchen cookware items recently. So you have any idea how hard it is to find kitchen gadgets that are plastic-free?! With Chrismas just around the corner, I have been doing some shopping for gifts. Thanks to the melamine and lead-paint scares in China-made products, I have been steering away from plastic toys and looking for silver, natural wood, and other natural toys. I have discovered that ENTIRE warehouse stores contain ONLY China-made toys.

So, in the interest of brevity, here is my current status on plastics: In our current circumstances, I cannot eliminate plastics to the point that I had originally desired. So, I am instead focusing on eliminating where I can. I am trying to avoid any plastic cookware, bakeware, storage containers, or serving dishes. I am also trying to eliminate, or at least reduce, any plastic toys that could potentially come in contact with my children's mouths.

It was a very interesting attempt though. With all the information being discovered in regards to the toxic chemical components of plastic, it has been very educational learning just how often we come in contact with these toxins. Kinda scary, really!

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Anonymous said...

Kudos!!! I did this ten years ago. I went to the thrift store and bought glass cooking dishes. I reuse baby food jars as drinking glasses for the kids and canning jars as drinking glasses for the adults. Some people thought I was too exteme, but extra esters are not needed in our bodies! My husband is not too into researching this, but he will go with it in the house. I just wish I could get the old glass dairy milk now instead of the tefloned, wax covered cardboard cartons, not to mention that the pipes are pvc in the house!
Stay away from cottonseed oil too! It lowers male sperm count, and who knows what else damage it does.
Also sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, parsley, and cilantro all pull heavy metals out of the body. They are great permament additions to the diet. Sunflower seeds and pectin in apples and pears also pull radiation out of the body.
Thanks for letting me comment! I love learning things like this and sharing it with others. Please feel free to share with me.