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For those of you who are interested, I wanted to share the information about our homeschool "curriculum." We are taking somewhat of an eclectic approach at this point. JR is so young, that I am not stressing too much about balancing different subjects. I have decided to focus on the basics of reading and math since those are the primary things you need in life, with simple introductions to science, art, history, etc. My goal is to keep things fun.

We generally start our Bible Study, followed by a little Click N Read. It is an interactive computer program that uses phonics lessons which gradually build on each other. It allows parents to control the settings you want for your child, based on age, knowledge, and attention span. It also offers several other features such as automatic grading so you can keep track of how your child is doing, and being able to turn back the lessons to repeat if you feel your child needs more practice on one. JR has loved his daily lessons. They offer a great balance of easy and challenging instructions. This curriculum does require a subscription, but the subscription is for life. It is setup with enough lessons to last about 3 years if you only do a few a week. According to the website, when one child is done, you can then reset the settings and allow the next child to use it OR pass your subscription to a friend. It is not only designed for a child who is just learning to read, but can also be used by a child who needs some phonics or reading reinforcement. They also offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. We will be using ours for a while, so I don't plan to pass it on anytime soon, but if you are interested, check it out. If you decided to subscribe, please use the link I provide below, as I will get some credit:

Visit ClickN READ Phonics learning to read web site for more information.

There are some sample lessons you (or your child) can try. If you decide to subscribe, I think the total is around $59 for the lifetime subscription. Let me know if you decide to try it. I would love to hear how your child does on it.

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