You might be a military wife if........

I have been having "one of those days," only, in some ways it seems more like "one of those years!" It got me to thinking about the joys, difficulties, challenges, heartaches, and so many other aspects of being a military wife. I realized "You might be a military wife if..."

-Your husband calls and reports he will be late and you rest comfortably knowing duty calls.
-You make a a special dinner favorite for your husband because he is TDY'ing/deploying for a while, even though you hate that particular dish and know you will be eating the leftovers!
-Someone comments on how "you have your hands full" with children and other life responsibilities, and you just smile and shrug, comfortable in your independence.
-Your husband suddenly announces he will be leaving for weeks or months, and you just ask him to be sure to sign all the powers of attorneys before he goes.
-Your husband sends you an e-mail that it is time to move again....enough said.
-Your day planner includes lines marking out when your husband will or won't be in town.
-You can comfortably speak in acronyms like: TDY, LES, BX, AAFES, MPF, or SP's.
-Your quick-reference phone list includes numbers to the guard gates, the U-Fix-It/Self-Help Store, and Housing Maintenance.

I know there are MANY others, and in fact would love to hear some if you have any! These are just a few of our recent experiences. Also, I am sure all you military wives are familiar with the stupid comments some people say. I happened across this link today, and thoroughly enjoyed it!
http://www.soldiersperspective.us/2008/02/20/things-not-to-say-to-a-military-wife/ I can SOOOOOO relate to several of them!

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Real-life Family said...

Those are great! Here's a few more:

-Instead of thinking all the brown buildings and brown and white signs on base are boring/weird, you feel immediately comfortable when you arrive on any base because it looks and feels so much like every other base.

-You know exactly how many years you have "left" and sometimes count down, but then wonder if you'll miss the security when you're out.

-You, and your children, know exactly what it means to start over in a new state/country, and you also know the pain of losing a dear friend to a TDY.

-You sometimes translate military acronyms for non-military friends when your husband is speaking.

-You have had license plates in many different states.