Saying Goodbye

The day I didn't think I'd see for about 8 more years has come....I must say goodbye to my Prius.

Sean and I have been doing some work on our finances, trying to ensure we are being good stewards. Due to our expanding family, we purchased a minivan after we moved. We rarely drive the van at this point, however, little A is almost ready to move into a bigger carseat. Once that happens, we can't fit all 3 carseats into the back of our car. You know, it is really amazing that the car will very comfortably seat 3 adults in that back seat, but carseats are made so incredibly wide, that I can't fit 3 small children back there! I digress. Anyway, we decided that we really only need one vehicle, and that's how we have lived for several years. Although gas is much cheaper in the Prius, I think what we save in insurance and annual maintenance will pay for the difference in gas. So we spent today cleaning, washing, and shining it all up. I think JR is having a harder time with it then I am. I didn't know a kid could attach to a car, but I guess it's the only car he has ever known. We are tired now and should sleep well tonight.

I have to tell what happened though....we were praying about whether to sell, and decided maybe we would advertise and just see what happens. The next day, God allowed something to happen that we have been hoping for. We both felt as though it was God saying, "you are following my will and you won't regret it!" It served as a reminder and really gave us a sense of peace that God is involved in everything!

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