Little A Update

For those of you who were with us as we went through our adoption journey, I figured I would give you a little update....

A is now 5 months old. We finalized his adoption via a teleconference at the end of July. He is doing beautifully, finally eating well, learning to sit up, and loves to pull hair (mine, his brother or sister's, or the animals--he really doesn't care!). He is a bigtime sleeper, sleeping about 17-18 hours a day, which makes running a house much easier! We are currently having some major issues with constant spitting up--I'm talking like every 5 minutes at times. It makes him difficult to hold and cuddle, so I had gotten into the routine of letting him play in his exersaucer or on his little floor mat. I guess he decided he's had enough independence though, as here recently, he decided to start fussing whenever he is alone. He wants to be held, carried, jostled, entertained, you get the picture. So now I am trying to learn to do that without getting puked on constantly. (So far I haven't figured it out!)
This is how I put my folded laundry away the other day.
I just kept hoping he didn't spit up again before I finished!
I suspect he is also a little fussy due to the fact that he has 6! tooth buds lined up and just waiting to pop out! He also doesn't care one bit for solids. I tried for about 2 weeks, but he is totally not interested. So we are taking a little break from that. I rarely hear from his birthmom anymore--maybe once every 5-6 weeks or so. I want to mention, too, that this child grows hair and nails like my lawn grows weeds! He just turned 5 months and has already had 2 haircuts to control the fuzz. Here are some pics of our recent style:

During....(I couldn't resist!)

I think I cut that much last month too!

After.... Ain't he cute?!

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Real-life Family said...

Awwww...he's SO cute! Both my boys were serious spitters too. It's so nice when they finally outgrow that!