Not feeling Proverbial

No doubt I am not meeting up to Proverbial woman standards today!! I have a 3 yr old with croup, a 2 yr old who is her normal strong-willed, fussy-when-don't-get-my-way self, and a 5 month old with a cold and teething. After I couldn't stand another moment of crankiness, I put them all to bed for nap 15 minutes early. You should have heard the noise coming out of this house--all of us marching up the stairs, the baby in my arms, fussing, JR behind me, screaming as loud as he could, and M behind him, crying because she has no clue what is going on. My husband is due home shortly, the house is a wreck and I should be cleaning, and what am I doing? Seeking a little solace on the computer! Does that make me a complete failure or is a mom occasionally entitled? The fact that I know in my heart that my current fatigue is pure selfishness, which is technically a sin, does not help me feel any better. Boy do I look forward to hubby coming home! He is my solace when he is here, and I always look forward to him walking in the door. On a day like this, it is all the sweeter! Hope all of you are having a much better day!


Real-life Family said...

Aww. I've had days like that recently. You know what? I do think that a mom is occasionally entitled to relax. I really do. Now I'm not going to try to tell you that what you did today wasn't a sin if you feel the Lord was convicting you of selfishness... but I sure don't think a person in your situation who handled it the way you handled it is necessarily in sin. You really don't come across to me as a person who makes a habit of wasting a lot of time.

I hope you're having a better evening tonight than your day was today! YOU are treasured by the Lord. :)

Red Gate said...

Thanks! I fear I do waste more time than I should, but I think I can honestly say I try to do better most days.