Sewing Fool!

I am proud to report that I have completed my first big clothing project! I learned to sew by practicing on my Grandmothers old sewing machine, but I just did a basic straight-line stitch to make some curtains and a pillow. That was several years back. The machine finally got to costing too much to maintain, so I got rid of it. This year, S bought me a refurbished Bernina machine (supposed to be one of the best available) for my birthday. However, due to the move, it took a while for me to pull it out. After reading the manual cover to cover and figuring out all the switches and settings, I had to take in the waist of one of my skirts and decided to add a little elastic while I was at it. It isn't beautiful on close inspection, but from a distance, it looks great, and fits much better. Then I hemmed up S's jeans, and they looked factory hemmed if I may brag! I am quite proud if I must tell the truth!


Kristen said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you. I wish we could be neighbors! I enjoy your posts, and thanks for sharing the recipe.

Real-life Family said...

Good for you! I enjoy sewing so much more than cooking, because the "fruits of your labor" last much longer - food just gets eaten and somehow turns into a pile of dirty dishes! :)