Abortion and FOCA

Most of you are well aware that I do not tend to pass on forwards, or get very involved in many internet political things. This one, however, did get my attention. Abortion is something I take very seriously. I will never forget an ethics course I took in college, and when a debate topic involved abortion, a man in my class stated, "a fetus is nothing more than an extra accumulation of cells--much like a wart somewhere on our body. It is not a real human until it is born." I will never forget that comparison, as well as how many in the class completely agreed with that viewpoint. It was heartbreaking. Now, it has hit even closer to home. Our little A was almost aborted, but, thank the Lord that his birthmother followed the Lord's prompting to place him for adoption instead.

In any case, there is a potential that our new president could pass a bill known as FOCA that would eliminate current laws that limit abortion procedures. It would endanger the lives of countless unborn children, put many young women at risk, and it could put Christian hospitals and clinics into a very bad situation. I do regret that I have had very limited time to research it for you, but my limited research seems to show it is legitimate. There is an organization called Fight FOCA that is collecting signatures in the hopes of stopping the passage of this bill. Please, take just a moment and go to http://www.fightfoca.com/ where you can read all the details, watch the videos, and learn more. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and just add your signature. Then, and more importantly, take a moment to bow your head and pray....for wisdom and guidance for our new president, that he might come to know Christ as his personal saviour, for the unborn babies whose mothers might be considering abortion, for the mothers who are considering abortion, for mothers who have aborted and are struggling with the life-long consequences of that decision, and for God's will to be done in this situation. Thank you.

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