Still Here and Still Waiting

Sorry for the absence. And thank you for the kind words through my e-mail and comments. It is such a relief to know we are in your thoughts and prayers. I checked out of my original hotel last weekend to transfer to an extended-stay place with cheaper rates. Unfortunately, they did not have a computer. S has read me a few of your comments, but otherwise, I have had no access to update you. I finally got permission to leave the city today, so I will be heading to my brother's house tonight. I am at a library for a bit now.

N saw the pediatric orthopeadist on Tuesday morn. He suspected the same issue, however, he could not run the necessary diagnostic test until he is 3 weeks old. They gave me permission to wait until I get back home and do it with an ortho there. What a relief!

All in all, N is doing very well. He is defintely maturing. Hard to believe he is almost 2 weeks old. He is eating very well, awake several hours a day now, and starting to "uncurl" from the newborn fetal-position a little bit. His eye never got any worse, so thank you for your prayers.

This afternoon, I am meeting the birthmother for the first time. I am basically hanging out at the library here for several hours, until it is time to meet up with the agency director and follow her to the restaurant where we will meet. I am a little nervous, of course, but also eager to meet the woman who blessed us with our new son.

After the meeting, I will head down to my brother's and wait....wait....wait. At this point, I am waiting on the ICPC (interstate paperwork) to go through, allowing me to leave this state and return home. We know it is being processed, and that it has made it to our state, but when we will actually get the call, I have NO idea. If you read this today, say a little prayer that the call comes today if possible. I am so eager to return home. I miss my family back home, my kids are having a rough time understanding why I can't tell them when I will be home, and I am getting tired of sitting around just waiting. I am also having some difficulty with my blood sugars. I am very sensitive to change, and the time change, the change in schedule, and the change in daily activity level has affected me greatly. I need to get back into my routine to get them under control again. Despite all that, though, I am truly enjoying this new little bundle. The time alone with him has had its advantages for bonding between the two of us.

Thanks again for your prayers, encouragement, and support. Please keep them coming!

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Heidi said...

It is nice to hear an update, and it sounds like everything is going as best as can be expected! It is super that your brother is nearby so that you can stay with him--perhaps that will help you with your blood sugars and some help with your schedule a little bit, at least until you get home. Keep enjoying the one on one time with N! It should help curb some of the pangs of missing home. Prayers and blessings for you and your family!