Long day

Boy, oh boy, am I exhausted! Today was another busy day. It started with a semi-sleepless night. The baby actually slept quite well, but I always tend to be most nervous with a brand-new newborn and sleep very lightly. So every squeak he made woke me. Nonetheless, I got a little sleep, awoke this morning to a continental breakfast at the hotel (nothing like a good buttermilk biscuit (complete with vegetable shortening) and some pasteurized, homogenized milk to start the day off right! LOL I checked out of the hotel with the intent of traveling to my brother's house tonight. I had about an hour to kill before my appt. at the agency to sign more papers, so I tried to find a Babies R Us. I have nothing but a handful of diapers, some formula, and a couple of little onesies and sleepers (most of which are dirty now) for this poor little guy. No luck on the store, so I headed to the agency for my 10 am appt. I wound up stuck there for several hours (missing lunch), then was required to take the baby immediately to a doc appt for a thorough check up before I could leave town. That turned into a 3 hour ordeal and orders to remain in this city instead of going to my brother's. The good news is that he does seem healthy for the most part, however a few concerns did come up. He is having a hip issue that may require a hip brace for a while, but we have to see an orthopaedist next week to know for sure. Then there is an insurance issue we are dealing with, otherwise we may be paying a several-thousand dollar doctor bill for this upcoming visit.

Embarrasingly, the dozen phone calls that resulted in little progress, a complete change of plans for the next week, a serious lack of food, a lack of proper paperwork, insurance hassles, and a lack of sleep finally caught up to me and I totally lost it and just started crying right there in the pediatric clinic. I do not tend to be a very emotional person, and I was so embarrassed. I was truly a wreck for a while there. Finally, we came up with a plan we could live with, and I went to get a semi-healthy dinner. I felt better immediately. Oh, and the best part of dinner (other than my companion), was I got to have a delicious glass of southern-style sweet tea! WOO-HOO!! Ok, so my time out of the south means I can't tolerate the rich sweetness here anymore, so I did have to dilute it with unsweet tea, but oh, was it ever so good! I got a big glass to take back to the hotel. After dinner, I returned to the hotel from last night, got another room, made a few calls, and came in here to try to update everyone.

So now that all that is off my chest, I can update you a little more on baby. I think we have named him (that's right, he was born so unexpectedly, we didn't even have a name picked out!!). The birthmom had given him a name, which we are using in part, as well as adding a family name of "N". As of this morning, he is 5 lbs, 5 oz--did I mention TINY!!! I just cannot get over his little size. Everything about him is so small. I can hold him with one hand. He doesn't really cry (or at least that I have heard), he just gives these little squeaks when he is hungry. Even his burps are tiny! He is rather dark now, meaning he will likely be VERY dark as he ages. He has long black hair for now, but that too will eventually change into tight curls. He has big, beautiful brown eyes, and is actually very alert after eating. He seems to love being held, as he just nestles right in and completely relaxes. I do apologize for no pictures. Believe me, I am taking plenty, but on my list of "items to pack", I forgot to put the cord that downloads pics from the camera to the computer. So I fear you will all have to wait until I get home.

If I may request continued prayer though, as we have several big paperwork issues we have to deal with on Monday. There is a lot involved, and we would really appreciate prayers that everything will go smoothly and timely so that we can get little N the care he needs, and get back home. If I may also request prayer for my family back home, as S is handling a lot of these issues in addition to work, and I found out today that little A is apparently having some separation anxiety with me being gone. For those of you who have been helping out on that end, thank you so much!! It truly means a lot!

Adoption is a wonderful blessing, but the process itself can be quite stressful. Thank you all so much for your support. The comments you are leaving mean a great deal as I wait here alone while S holds down the fort and mans things from his end. Please keep them coming!


KGH said...

As is the saying with any "new" mom, rest when he rests. Without the three others there right now, take this opportunity to rest a bit whenever you get the chance. Please call whenever you are looking for something (a store, location, anything), and I can look it up for you. 'A' spent most of his morning snuggled up to me, and he is welcome on my shoulder anytime. I'm not his Momma, but I guess I was a good enough stand in. 'L' said a prayer for your whole family tonight. Hurry home - we miss you.

Kristen said...

Okay, this blog thing is wonderful, but the inability to disclose specific information is killing me! What does 'N' stand for??? :-)

Melonie said...

Still praying for you and for your little N. You are a precious mother, and how exhausted and stressed you must be. We're praying God will give you the strength and peace you need to get through whatever lies ahead.