Morning #2 and #3

I am still working on my new goal of rising early. Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:40. I was, for once, refreshed and awake. I looked over at the unusual sight of my wonderful hubby still in bed beside me. Mind you, this is VERY unusual. He is naturally an early riser (around 6 am on most weekends), and during the weekdays, he is often up around 4:30 due to his work schedule. So waking up with him beside me is a rare treat indeed. But, I digress. So, assuming he must be very tired and not wanting to disturb him, I told Will (the dog) to "stay" (normally he follows me downstairs), slipped out of bed, quietly put my robe on, and went downstairs. I picked up my Bible and began a wonderful quiet time with the Lord. Around 6:55, a very dreary-eyed S came downstairs, took one look at me, and asked, "Who are you, and what did you do with my wife?" It was classic. It was then I realized I hadn't mentioned my new goal to him. Oh well!

This morning, I am proud to report, that, with a little encouragement from S, I was up at 6:15. I managed to take a shower, get dressed, and take care of several things before the kids came down. I'm getting closer! I can do this!

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Gina said...

Howdy! I'm passing on a Lemonade Award to you...I always appreciate your posts & am so looking forward to see that new bundle of joy you'll be bringing home! You can grab the picture to display from my blog & pass it along to others if you'd like!