New Furniture!

You know how God is soooo incredibly good, at times when we least expect it? Well, long story short, we have had some situations that left us wanting/needing a few items around the house. One was a little table for the kids. S has had a beautiful scrap piece of oak for several years that was plenty big enough to make one, but we had no way to cut it. Recently, he was given a table saw. So here was his first project:

We just had to buy the legs and stain it. It is pretty simple, but it serves its purpose perfectly, the kids love it, and I love not having toys and school stuff all over my dining table all the time now.

Then, another long story short, I have wanted a living room suit for years, but couldn't justify buying one due to our frequent moving and the fact we had what we NEEDED. We have been using a futon and a recliner. We always keep an eye out at yard sales, but most of what we find is either way too big to practically move around the country, or old and ready to fall apart. We were at a friend's house recently for our weekly small-group worship, and wound up with a new couch and loveseat...FREE. It is in great shape and has a nice country look to it (which we want for our future farm house). Funny thing is, we have around 20-30 people coming to our house for weekly worship this weekend, and we actually have a way to seat them all now! Not sure what we will do with futon and recliner if our next house is smaller. We want it for the farm, but we have a few years before we get there. I'm sure we will work it out though.

I may have to change the curtains out to match a bit better, but the cats approve (one is ours, and the other we are petsitting)!

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Kristen said...

I love how you share these stories. God is so good. Great job on the table, S!