I have arrived!!

..well, at least for this morning. With a little help from M having a little accident (there's nothing like a little urine to get you going first thing in the morning!), I was up at 5:45! I can't believe how excited I am at rising before the sun. I spent around 30 minutes just reading the wonderful Word of God and praying. It feels so fulfilling and rewarding. That alone helps motivate me to keep going. I am finding another benefit to this early rising....I am able to go to bed earlier (with S) and sleep better! Normally, when I go to bed early, I toss and turn all night. So, there is my little bit of excitement from the pre-dawn hours today! My dog thinks I am nuts and can't figure out why he can't have breakfast yet. I have to thank those of you who have become regular readers, as I feel somewhat accountable to you all. Once I post my goal here, I feel more inspired to meet my goals. So thank you for your patient reading of some of these seemingly trivial posts! Hope everyone has a great day. We are heading to the children's museum today!

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